Our Team



Jason Niemela  

President     Jason@AirCenturion.com

From starting his career with AIG Aviation in 1991 he has built his experience working in many of the areas of aviation insurance.  He lead the West Coast expansion of the products liability segment for CIGNA and helped bring them into the Rotor Wing market.  Later he helped expand the aviation portfolio at XL in the US from $8m to well over $200m.  From there he built Berkley Aviation into a specialist aviation underwriter focusing in US based risks with offices in Boston, Atlanta and Santa Barbara.  

Ryan gould

Executive Vice President    Ryan@AirCenturion.com

Diane Beane.jpg

Diane beane

Senior Vice President   Diane@AirCenturion.com

Yafa Kaylor.jpg

                              Yafa Kaylor

                                         Vice President - Finance     Yafa@AirCenturion.com